Enviro clean is a locally owned business and they specialty is care for your grout and tile. They have a cleaning product called “Green Clean” that requires very little maintenance to use.

You just need to add water, mop up the dirtied area, then dry with a clean cloth! It can also be used on almost anything, including; tile, grout, ceramic, natural stone, and granite, to name a few.

Enviro Clean Tile Cleaning

Enviro Clean also offers a few services:

Grout restoration, cleaning, and sealing and Grout seal treatment. For more information on these services please visit their website:


Once you chose to use one of their services they will personally make sure you know how to care for your flooring, or countertops to ensure you get the best quality of life out of them. Using the wrong kind of cleaning supplies can break down the sealer which results in it not working properly.