While it’s not only stunning to look at, glass tile has a lot of other features as well. Glass tile is a very low maintenance choice for a backsplash or feature wall as it is durable, easy to clean, and does not stain.

There is a variety of stunning glass tile choices from Olympia Tile which we will go through here!

Cristalla Series

Olympia Cristalla Series

Coming in three finishes; glossy, matte, and blended, this series also offers a variety of colors from white, to green, and blue.

You can find these tiles in 2″x12″ tp 3″x6″ and 4″x16″ which leaves many options for design!

Diamond Hexagon Series

Olympia Diamond Hexagon Series

This series allows you to create your own design, and can make a beautiful feature wall or backsplash in a kitchen or bathroom.

This tile comes in 4 different colours, and 25.5cm x 29.5cm.

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