The installation and care of your ceramic tiles.


One of the most important keys to getting ready to tile is measuring! You want to make sure you measure the room accurately. Having extra tiles on hand is always good in case one breaks while installing or down the road, but to stay on budget ordering the correct amount of tiles will save you!

When measuring for floor tile the rule is:

Length x Width + Waste = Amount Needed

Put into consideration what type of tiles you should be using for each room. If you are tiling a kitchen or backsplash a polished finished would be best, but if you are tiling a bathroom you may want to think about getting a non-slip tile.

Tile spaces are very important while laying tile. They will help with overall aesthetics, and help get perfectly lined up tiles that are all an equal amount of space from each other.


If you notice water damage in any areas you have tile, do not ignore it. Get it fixed correctly as soon as possible – covering up the problem will make for my problems in the long run and cost you more money.

If you are laying the tile yourself, make sure to not walk on them as they are drying. Walking on the tile as it sets can result in it shifting and it may end up driving out of line with others.

Don’t make impulse decisions on the first tile you see and like. Come into our store and look through options, colors, and designs. You can take home a tile sample board with the tile you are considering, put it in the room you are wanting it installed, and make sure you really like it. When you’re ready come back in and we can help you make your final decisions!

Care Guidelines

Tile floor is very durable and long lasting, but to make sure you get longevity out of it you want to make sure you take proper care of your flooring.

You want to be proactive with them as well as reactive. Proactively keep debris, sand, and dirt off of the floor, as it can be abrasive to the flooring.

All you need for a deep clean of a tile floor is a good mop or sponge, water, and cleaning solution. With regular up-keep tile floor can essentially last a lifetime!

Care of Tiles