A backsplash in your kitchen is a good opportunity to add a splash of colour in your home without going overboard.

Different colours can give off different feels for your kitchen. If you are wanting something happy and cool, blues are a good colour to go with.

If you’re feeling like your kitchen needs a pop, or burst of energy, something like reds, yellows, and oranges is great! You can even combine a few colours at once to give off a happy, exciting look:

As always, if you’re wanting the look and feel of luxury, black and dark greys are the way to go:

Subway Tile

Subway tile has been, and still is, a very popular choice for kitchen backsplashes.

The standard size for a subway tile is 3″x6″, but we’re starting to see the tile come in larger sizes like 4″x8″, and even 4″x12″.

These bigger tile selections are great for those with smaller kitchens. Having a bigger subway tile creates a perception of a bigger space.

Take it to the Ceiling!

Generally, when we think of a backsplash, we think of tile going cabinet height. What if we did the backsplash to the ceiling? This trend is what we have to look forward to for 2018. More homeowners and builders have started doing this.

Higher backsplashes will open and brighten up the space and reflect great qualities, especially with subway tile!