The Best Wood Floor for Your Home.

For most of us, the kitchen is the most important room in our house. We gather with friends, spend evenings with our families, and celebrate good times. For this reason, having the perfect flooring for your kitchen is important. With the moisture in a kitchen, plus possible food droppings you want something that is going to last, and stand up to the high traffic area. Laminate flooring is a great option for this as it is durable and stain resistant. You always get so many options when you chose laminate, different colours and patterns!

Kitchen Flooring - example by Cristal Tile World

If your home is smaller and you want to maximize as much space as you can, going with a lighter floor colour can help. While it won’t physically give you more space you’ll get the illusion that you have a bigger area than you do. Lighter floors also reflect light and can help a kitchen with dark cabinet and dark furniture look much brighter.

If you lean a little more towards the dark flooring, its a great way to create some contrast in the room. Choosing a grey laminate is a great way to keep the simple and modern feel in your home.

Wood Flooring - example by Cristal Tile World

To choose the best flooring to suite you and your home you can always stop in at the Cristal Tile World showroom and get some samples to take home and see what fits best!