With so many different floor options to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming to make a final decision.  You must decide if you want tile, or hardwood, laminate…maybe there’s other options you’re not even aware of? 

Heading down to Cristal Tile World with a design in mind, some photos and a price limit can lead you in the right direction. We can set you up with the best options for your family and your home. 

A hot new trend lately is a hardwood look-a-like; which isn’t hardwood at all. These look-a-likes can be ceramic or porcelain tiles. 

There are many pros on deciding to put a look-a-like in your home, first off being that they are scratch proof.  I know in any homes this is top of the list with kids and pets running around all the time, another huge benefit is that they are waterproof as well. 

This allows you to be able to install the same flooring through-out your entire home, including the kitchen and bathrooms. 

Another great thing about wood look-a-likes is they are completely customizable; from the colours, shapes, and sizes you can truly create your own pattern to make your home feel the best.  

All in all, most people need more cost-effective ways to make their dream flooring become a reality. 

These wood look-a-like tiles are generally more cost effective then real hardwood, easier to maintain and a great family friendly option!