Building an income suite is a great way to help you and your family with your mortgage. If you have an empty basement just sitting there, why not make some money off it!

A separate entrance can be key when building an income suite. Not only for your own privacy and your tenant’s privacy but mainly for safety.  In case of an emergency you want to make sure everybody has a quick exit without having to maneuver anything. 

To save your own sanity, and your future tenants; sound proofing is always a good idea. If your starting off with an unfinished basement adding insulation in the walls and ceiling is easy.

When trying to attract the right renters you want to put a lot of thought into the design of your space.  Before you start a good thing to do is draw a sketch of your basement, then sketch where everything will go to ensure it all flows nicely.  That way once you start building and putting walls up you won’t have to make any changes and waste any money. 

You want to make sure your income suite flows nicely and allows maximum space and storage. It is very important to set a budget before you do anything else, this will allow you to stretch your money where it needs to go, and maybe cut back on unnecessary items. 

A great trick to help bring in the right tenants is natural lighting.  Who doesn’t love natural lightening, especially when you’re in a basement. Adding window where you can will make a huge difference in the way your basement feels and looks. Don’t forget, every bedroom in a basement needs to have a window!

Out of all of these ‘tips’ this one is the most important; source your materials before buying.

Once you have drawn up your floor plan, made final decisions and you are happy with them your next step is to price out all your materials. Don’t buy at the first store you go to; pick your top three and get quotes and talk to professionals, then from their you can pick your supplies and appliances and get the work started! 

If you are thinking about building an income suite in your home and need assistance or are looking for someone to do it for you, please stop in at Cristal Tile World or give us a call at any time!