C&S Tile

Carpet Series – Beautiful tile, available in 2 different colour options and 2 different shapes; sand, sand hexagon, vestige (blue) and vestige (blue) hexagon.

Sizes are 40″x40″, 24″x24″ and 10″x11″


Julian Tile

Vetrite Series – gorgeous glass slabs made in Italy.

This amazing tile comes in 16 different colours! Ranging from your neutrals, to your more adventurous colours. All colours come in 47.25″x110.25″ for size.

To check out all the colour options, follow the link:


Ames Tile and Stone

4D Max Series – A three-dimensional aesthetic tile. Available in deep blue and white colour options and 8 different textures. Perfect for any washroom!

Terra Sol

41Zero42 Technicolor Series

If you want to make a statement in your home, this is the what you need to do it with!

9 different fun colours to choose from, and one 2×15 size. You can use 1 colour for everything or mix them up and make it fun.