As most of us know, this room can be one of the most expensive rooms to renovate, or update.  It is also so hard to know what to do, should you add the pop of colour you love, or stick to a more modern, trendy look.  Here’s a look at the top trends, that are still going strong.

The All-Natural Look:

Can we ever go wrong with this? Natural is a safe way to go, it will match everything and most likely will not go out of style. Wood flooring is a great way to achieve this look, and if you wanted you could carry it onto the walls, or cabinetry.

Statement Flooring:

Putting in a bold flooring option can make a great statement when you walk into your bathroom.  Whether you do a pattern, or a bright and funky colour this can add just the ‘pop’ you need.  Doing the flooring in a smaller bathroom is a little more cost effective therefore you can splurge on the flooring and go more neutral on the rest of the decor and design.


For those of you still loving the gold features and accents in your room this one was a big hit this year.  It can be as simple as adding a gold border around your mirror or doing a gold faucet, and we can’t forget the gold decor!