Apeek inside at what trends we can expect to see in 2019! 


Bathrooms are always an important room in any house, right? Well, the tile isn’t slowing down for them either. A few of the most fun and new tiles we have to look forward to including; honeycomb, coloured patterns, long narrow subway tiles and fish scales!  We would have never thought fish scales would be a trending hit but they can add an element of dimension and offer a softer look for new homeowners or potential buyers.


  • Flooring is important throughout the house and can make a huge difference in the type of vibe you’re trying to go for, but so hard to pick something you will love forever. 
  • Wood flooring is still a huge hit for every age group, and every home. You can choose from so many different wood grains.
  • Wide brushed wood tile shows subtle intentional wire scratches that really show the heart of the wood. 
  • Rustic hand-scraped wood tile has a very unique way of making each piece look handcrafted and different from the other. 
  • Distressed as you can probably guess appears as if it been through years of wear and tear, it gives a more antique look which is very ‘in’ right now.

Some Interior design trends are simpler and better. Here are a few pointers:

Boho is back, yes you read that right. Not many people are expecting to see a boho-inspired home when looking for a forever home or visiting friends and family. It feels unexpected and can set your home apart from the rest.

Statement ceilings, whether you paint for ceiling a statement colour, or add a fun wallpaper, a statement ceiling can make well just that a statement!

  • Eco-friendly – this was getting pretty big in 2018 so with 2019 hitting this should be a huge hit and in demand!  Who doesn’t want to help the earth a little, right? 
  • Eco friendly can be anything from repurposing old furniture or having a live plant wall in your home. There are so many great options to help the environment in a little way.