For most people moving is a big deal and getting your house ready for the market can be extremely overwhelming. Here are some tips and tricks to hopefully make the process easier. 

Decluttering and Depersonalizing 

These are the best first steps to take to help get you started.  All those things laying around or shoved in closets that you have been holding onto, well it might be the perfect time to say goodbye.  As you go through each room decide whether you want to keep or pack those items away.  Maybe you will need them in the future but aren’t using them right now? That’s the perfect opportunity too pack it away and get it clutter free.  When potential buyers look through their home they want to be able to picture themselves living there, getting rid of any personal photos or memorable items can be key for selling. 

Storage Unit 

So you have cleared out all the rooms in the house, now where do you put it all? Well this is where a storage unit can come in handy, or maybe if your lucky enough you can store it at a friends house.  Either way get all that extra stuff out of there! 

Closets, Cupboards & Storage Cabinets 

Clean, clean, clean! When buyers see everything clean and organized it says to them that you have kept up with the rest of your house well.  Bedroom closets you can take any clothes you no longer wear or know you won’t need in the nest few months and store them away.  Getting rid of extra clothes will give the look of a bigger closet if it only ‘half’ full.  People love it open drawers and closets, so those linen closets you have everything shoved into, make them look nice and presentable.  Fold all your towels nice, bedding together and any extra stored away nicely for people to see. 

Some of the biggest things to keep in mind when getting ready to sell are the big tickets items.  If those need to be repaired in any way it’s better to do it now then to wait it out.  It can be small things like replacing burnt out light bulbs, or as big as replacing old out-dated flooring.  Adding these small or big things can make a real difference in the price you list for and your potential buyers!

Make it Sparkle

Clean like you have never cleaned before, get in all those nooks and crannies.  Your initial deep clean should include everything, that means window sills, floors, baseboards, all of it…wipe it all down!  After your house is ready and listed on the market you want to keep up with the clean house.  You obviously still need to live, but make a habit of tidying everything before the day is over, give it quick dust and vacuum and you should be good to go!