What will we see in new designs for homes in 2019? Good question! Design, colours and patterns are always changing; sometimes its hard to keep up. 

70’s furniture…yeah you read that right. These days old seems to be the new ‘new’ when it comes to furniture and decorating your home.  

Between the different textures and fabrics, and the warm colour palettes the 70’s era is making its come back, and everyone is loving it. 

When you think concrete your first thought isn’t usually home decor, right? Well here we are decorating and building every day furniture with it. It provides a nice clean look in a home and its obviously very durable. From kitchen tables, to countertops and tiles.

Pattern, specifically floral pattern can sometimes be scary, but who doesn’t love a little pop of colour or design in a room.  You can go as big as wallpaper or as small as throw cushions but floral is definitely making its come back this year.  Floral pattern is a great way to add colour to your room without spending hundreds

One very important part of any room is the lighting! Why not add a vintage feel to your room? There is so many different options to get whatever vibe your trying to achieve.