While cement tiles are more popular in Europe, they are slowly growing here in North America. When you hear cement you don’t think of pretty but these tiles are gorgeous!

Cement tiles are crafted from natural materials so not only are they extremely durable, but they are also eco-friendly. Another great feature of using cement tile in your home is you can use them anywhere, that means your floors, walls and even fireplaces.

When installed properly cement tile in a shower can for years. Along with that will they look stunning the entire time with no signs of wear or distress. They are water resistant and sturdy and can bring an amazing artistic feel to any room.

Tiled Laundry Room

Installing cement tile can be tricky if you have laid ceramic tile before you are headed in the right direction. Buy the best of the best to install this tile, or it will make your job harder in the long run. One great tip is to have buckets of water and large sponges to use, you are going to want to keep your work as clean as possible because cement tile soaks up everything.

If your in doubt of what you’re doing, don’t hesitate to call Cristal Tile World and ask some questions, we are always willing to help!  Make sure you are not in a rush when starting this process, that can make it more stressful for yourself. Laying tile is picky and using cement makes it even pickier.

Tile Work

When done right you will have beautiful tile, no matter where you put it!