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March Tile Ideas

Wallpaper is coming back, but in a whole new way! Tile Ideal has welcomed a new series called the “Jewel Series.” The new Jewel Series is a new way to do a ceramic wall tile; perfect for a traditionally styled room. Only available in one color, but has the historic feel many people strive for! Tile Ideal also has the “Feel Series” which is great for a statement wall! With two different tile designs called decor and [...]

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Feature Walls

How to choose the right feature wall for your home. Choosing a feature wall for a certain room can be a hard task. From color to design you want to make sure you get it right in many different ways.  Feature walls are the perfect way to add personality and style to your room! Here are a few tips to help you out. If you want to make a statement in a room a good way to do so is to use [...]

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Tile Dos and Don’ts

The installation and care of your ceramic tiles. Dos One of the most important keys to getting ready to tile is measuring! You want to make sure you measure the room accurately. Having extra tiles on hand is always good in case one breaks while installing or down the road, but to stay on budget ordering the correct amount of tiles will save you! When measuring for floor tile the rule is: Length x Width + Waste = Amount Needed Put into [...]

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About Glass Tile!

While it’s not only stunning to look at, glass tile has a lot of other features as well. Glass tile is a very low maintenance choice for a backsplash or feature wall as it is durable, easy to clean, and does not stain. There is a variety of stunning glass tile choices from Olympia Tile which we will go through here! Cristalla Series Coming in three finishes; glossy, matte, and blended, this series also offers a variety of colors from white, to [...]

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Spring Tile Ideas

Ceramic tile is best used for residential tiling projects, and if installed properly it can last a lifetime. This product can also be used for light traffic commercial spaces. Some great benefits of ceramic tile are that they are scratch resistant, easy to clean, and won’t fade from exposure to the sun. Ceramic tile is great for an entryway, mudroom, or laundry room! Glass Tile Our glass tile products are great for backsplashes, feature walls, accents, [...]

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How to Keep Up with Cleaning Your Tile or Grout!

Enviro clean is a locally owned business and they specialty is care for your grout and tile. They have a cleaning product called “Green Clean” that requires very little maintenance to use. You just need to add water, mop up the dirtied area, then dry with a clean cloth! It can also be used on almost anything, including; tile, grout, ceramic, natural stone, and granite, to name a few. Enviro Clean also offers a few services: [...]

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3D Durastone Porcelain Tiles

Ames Tile’s breakthrough porcelain tile series, 3D Durastone, are large, unglazed porcelain tiles with continuous 3D patterns. In May 2014, these tiles won the award for Best Manufacturer/Wholesaler Tile Product from the Australian Tile Council. These unique tiles are very durable and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. When installed, they can last up to 50 years! Here are more features of this great product: Low Maintenance Stain Resistant Fade Resistant Hypoallergenic Resistant to fungus Eco-friendly Odour Resistant Huge 12” x [...]

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Natural Stone Flooring

Common natural stone flooring includes slate, marble, limestone, travertine, and granite, each of which has slightly different properties. These properties need to be considered when choosing stone and where in your home you plan on installing it. Things like: Absorption rating Grade Coefficient of friction Indoor and outdoor rating Oxidization Let’s say you plan on installing some stone in your bathroom. You would want to use a stone that has a vitreous, or impervious, absorption rating. [...]

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Outdoor Tile

There are a variety of reasons for putting tile on your deck that can be beneficial, and here are a few! EASE You can get interlocking deck tiles, which are super easy to install, as well as no staining or painting required. Not only will it be easy to install but there is very minimum work required for upkeep! STYLE There is a variety of colors, designs, and finishes to chose from. You can get the exact look you [...]

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Bathroom Tile Trends

Here are some of the latest tile trends: Fish Tile Fish scale tile, also known as mermaid tail – how fun! A fun, bright way to add a splash of colour into any bathroom. Textured, Natural Stone Adds a certain kind of warmth and cozy to your bathroom. Arabesque Tile Maybe you need an elegant guest bathroom, or even for your en-suite. This is the way to go! Floors [...]

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