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Outdoor Tile

There are a variety of reasons for putting tile on your deck that can be beneficial, and here are a few! EASE You can get interlocking deck tiles, which are super easy to [...]

Kitchen Trends!

A backsplash in your kitchen is a good opportunity to add a splash of colour in your home without going overboard. Different colours can give off different feels for your kitchen. If you are wanting something [...]

Feature Walls

How to choose the right feature wall for your home. Choosing a feature wall for a certain room can be a hard task. From color to design you want to make sure you get [...]

Spring Tile Ideas

Ceramic tile is best used for residential tiling projects, and if installed properly it can last a lifetime. This product can also be used for light traffic commercial spaces. Some great benefits of ceramic tile are [...]

New for 2018

What's New in Store for 2018. Choosing Colours In the year to come dark colours are going to become very popular, especially black. Black gives the look of luxury, but you need to make sure [...]