July Tile Tips

How to Spot a Bad Tile Job. A tile job done well and right should last for years, if not longer. Here are some signs to help you indicate that your tile may have not been done properly: Crooked Tile(s) Even if your walls aren't perfectly straight, your tiles definitely should be. Someone who knows what they are doing will use a level, and from there its a straight forward job. Bad Placement [...]

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How to Keep Up with Cleaning Your Tile or Grout!

Enviro clean is a locally owned business and they specialty is care for your grout and tile. They have a cleaning product called “Green Clean” that requires very little maintenance to use. You just need to add water, mop up the dirtied area, then dry with a clean cloth! It can also be used on almost anything, including; tile, grout, ceramic, natural stone, and granite, to name a few. Enviro Clean also offers a few services: [...]

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