As we all know it doesn’t take long for things to start piling on top of each other in our homes. It doesn’t take long and before we know it the clutter is out of control!

Here is some tips on how to get it under control.

Step 1: Set goals on what you want to achieve.

  • Write down each room in your house you want to tackle.
  • Prioritize the rooms on which one needs to be done 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.
  • Only tackle one room at a time.

Step 2: Create a system

As you start to go through your first room you will want a system to make everything go smoother. Get three bins and label them “keep,” “toss,” and “donate.” Sometimes people may need a fourth bin for items that need to be put in storage.

Your keep bin – Once you are done decluttering put everything in this bin in their new designated home.  This may mean being put on a shelf for display or put neatly into a container or drawer.

The toss bin – this one is best to dispose of right away so there is no temptations to keep anything.

Donate – put this one right in your vehicle, then the next time you leave the house you can stop by your local thrift store and drop it off!

Your storage items – get appropriate containers to put these items in and put them in the proper place whether that is a storage room or your garage.

If some of these items still have some cash value but you no longer need them its great to have a garage sale or sell them on buy and sell to make a little extra money.

Recycle what you can; glass, paper, and plastic can go right in the recycling bin.

With the extra money from selling things you can buy the proper storage and organizational items to make the best of your home.